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We are looking forward to seeing everyone at this years conference!! 

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The 2017 organizing committee is excited to announce our 2017 keynote speakers! On Monday January 30th, Dr. Adam Ford from UBC  Okanagan will be presenting his talk titled: The ecological impact of large carnivores: context and mechanisms and on Tuesday January 31st Dr. Valerie Sim from the UofA will be talking to us about the madness of prions!

A more detailed schedule will be released soon!

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About us

The Dr. Richard E. Peter Biology Conference is organized by the Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association (BGSA) in order to showcase the diverse research conducted by Biological Sciences and life sciences students at the University of Alberta and institutions across the province. The event consists of poster and oral presentations by senior undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students as well as two keynote lectures from distinguished professors from within the U of A community and from abroad.

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