2021 Sponsorship and Contributions

The 2021 Dr. Richard E. Peter Conference could not exist without our generous sponsors and volunteers.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their financial support and our many volunteers for their time and energy!

Supported (in part) by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Alberta, by the Graduate Students' Association, and by the Faculty of Science at the University of Alberta.

Organizational Team 2021

  • Andrew Cook, Data Wrangler
  • Anna Jovtoulia, Social Media and Communications
  • Cassondra Stevenson, Grants and Bookkeeping
  • Cerrise Weiblen, Primary Event Organizer, Website and Accessibility
  • Christiana Frost, Grants and Keynote Speaker Liaison
  • Doaa Waly, Keynote Speaker Liaison
  • Gulnara Tagirdzhanova, Workshops and Alumnni Outreach
  • Lee Campbell, Graphic Design, Scheduling, Volunteer Judging Coordinator
  • Maria Rodriguez Gallo, Graphic Design
  • Montana Bobinski, Secondary Event Organizer, Communications and Outreach
  • Phillip Sun, Workshops

Volunteers and Contributors

Dr. Tamzin Blewett, Keynote Speaker

Dr. Marina Mussoi Giacomin , Volunteer Judge

Dr. Aerin Jacob, Keynote Speaker

Dr. Olav Rueppell, Volunteer Judge

Dr. Valerie Miller, 3MT Workshop Presenter

Dr. Rhiannon Peery, Volunteer Judge

Dr. Catherine Tays, 3MT Workshiop Presenter

Dr. Saira Ali , Volunteer Judge

Parker Leflar, EDI Workshop Presenter

Dr. Tracy Raivio, Volunteer Judge

Jeffrey Newton, PhD, Alumni Panelist

Gulnara Tagirdzhanova, Volunteer Judge

Dana Seidel, PhD, Alumni Panelist

Jiahui Wang “Jacob”, Volunteer Judge

Steve Kembel, PhD, Alumni Panelist

Kacey Mackowetzky, Volunteer Judge

Miranda Stahn, PhD, Alumni Panelist

Kat Pick, Volunteer Judge

Philip DeWitt, MSc, Alumni Panelist

Mariel Hagen, MSc, Volunteer Judge

Amro M. Soliman Sherif, Volunteer Judge

Marta Ruest, Volunteer Judge

Ashley Gilliland, Volunteer Judge

Md Ruhul Amin, Volunteer Judge

Camille Warbington, Volunteer Judge

Nora Hussain, Volunteer Judge

Dr. Alex Zimmer , Volunteer Judge

Philip Lauman, Volunteer Judge

Dr. Casey Fowler, Volunteer Judge

Reema Joshi, Volunteer Judge

Dr. Debbie McKenzie, Volunteer Judge

Sarah Santos, Volunteer Judge

Dr. Emily Studd, Volunteer Judge

Shibashis Das, Volunteer Judge

Dr. George Owttrim, Volunteer Judge

Troy Locke, Volunteer Judge

Dr. Greg Goss, Volunteer Judge

Dr. Lisa Stein, Faculty Advisor

Dr. Joshua Miller, Volunteer Judge

Dr. James Stafford, Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kate St.Onge, Volunteer Judge

And many others! Thank you to everyone!