Poster Presenter Information

Online Conference

Online presenters will need to have access to Zoom for online meetings.  Familiarize yourself with Zoom functions and attendee controls before the conference.  Check out some tips for communications, lighting, and video recording from the FGSR and the Faculty of Science.

Presenters, please update your Zoom profile with the photo you submitted for the conference.

Online Poster Presenters 

  1. Poster size should not exceed 48″ x 48″.
  2. Posters should be submitted in .pdf format.
  3. Question and answer sessions will be held in scheduled online meetings.
  4. Make sure you are available for the entire scheduled meeting.  Similar to an in-person poster session, you must remain available, even if your ‘room’ is sometimes empty.  If a judge enters your online meeting room and you are not present, your poster will be disqualified from judging.
  5. First and second place winners for all levels (Undergraduate, MSc, PhD) will be announced by the BGSA after the conference.

To preserve the experience of a face-to-face poster session, posters will be hosted on the conference website where attendees can browse any time. Presenters will be required to attend a standard poster session, similar to an in-person conference, to answer questions about their poster and discuss their findings with interested attendees and conference judges.

Poster Q&A sessions will be arranged in groups of three, so presenters will have company even if attendance is low.

Please note, your poster and abstract may be visible on the open web, so please don’t share any sensitive data before your research has been published.

Good luck with your posters!

Please contact us if you have questions or need clarification: