3MT Presenter Information

Online Conference

All presenters will need to have access to Zoom for online meetings.  Familiarize yourself with Zoom functions and attendee controls before the conference.  Check out some tips for communications, lighting, and video recording from the FGSR and the Faculty of Science.

Presenters, please update your Zoom profile with the photo you submitted for the conference.

Online Three Minute Thesis (3MT)

  1. Presentations should be no longer than 3 minutes. The time begins when the speaker begins to talk.
  2. Presentations must be a single continuous recording with no cuts or video transitions.
  3. Make sure your face and upper body are visible throughout the 3MT presentation, so the judges can see your body language and communication style.
  4. Presenters can only have one static slide, no animations or slide transitions allowed. All images used must belong to the presenter or be properly credited.
  5. Pre-recorded video presentations must include closed captioning*. (Zoom captioning, YouTube captioning, Google Slides captioning, PowerPoint captioning, Google Meet captioning)
  6. No additional media or props will be allowed.
  7. First and second place winners for all levels (Undergraduate and Graduate) will be announced by the BGSA after the conference.
  8. Visit the FGSR for more information about 3MT presentations.

The 3MT competition will be slightly modified because of the online format of the conference. We must balance the student experience of presenting with the requirements of the online interface.

All 3MT presentations will be posted on the conference website and also played in an official group meeting for judging.  Please note 3MT presentations will be published online and will be accessible to the general public, so please be careful not to share any private information or materials in your video.

In agreement with the standard 3MT regulations, you will be limited to one single slide for a background, with no additional props or materials. In order to closely approximate the conditions of a live performance, we are also requiring that 3MT videos must be a single continuous recording with no cuts or transitions.

*Since we are online this year, we have an opportunity to make our conference more open and accessible for everyone in our community than we ever could before. We are asking for closed captions on 3MT videos, in order to increase accessibility for our conference.  We appreciate your efforts to help make our conference open and welcoming for everyone in our community.

During the Conference

On the day of your 3MT judging, you will join the appropriate online meeting and be present to introduce yourself and your video. In order to minimize technical difficulties, a single meeting host will coordinate the introductions and play the videos for everyone present at the meeting. Any presenters not in attendance at their scheduled meeting will be disqualified from the contest.

Good luck with your 3MT!

Please contact us if you have questions or need clarification: repeter@ualberta.ca

Zoom Recording Layouts and Virtual background

Zoom Recording layouts
Sharing Slides as a Virtual background

Video Recording Tips from the FGSR  Lighting for a successful video recording

1) Use your best camera to record whether it be your laptop, tablet, or phone. Try testing different devices for the best resolution.

2) If using a tablet or phone, please ensure it is steady and record horizontally. Make sure it doesn’t look like a ‘found footage’ film…

3) Angle the camera to face straight on as much as possible (eye level).

4) Include your shoulders and upper chest in the frame. Makes for comfortable hand movements for the shot.

5) Use natural and/or artificial light, think like a flower! Position your face towards the light!

6) Choose a less busy, clean background with nothing which will cause distractions from you – the main act!

7) Speak clearly and audibly. Your microphone should function well enough.

For more tips, try these great documents from the Faculty of Science: