Oral Presentation Schedule

All oral presentations will take place in M-137, Biological Sciences building. Snacks and coffee will be provided!

March 5th, 2012

1:00PM-1:20PM Euan Thomson “Lemna minor as infection model and virulence screening tool for the Burkholderia cepacia complex”

1:20PM-1:40PM Julia Wong “Effects of envelope protease expression on Cpx pathway activity in Escherichia coli”

1:40PM-2:00PM Albert Remus “RNA helicase autoregulated expression in response to temperature stress”

2:00PM-2:20PM Ido Hatam “Differences in microbial communities between multi-year and first year sea ice”

2:20PM-2:40PM Stefanie Vogt “The Cpx envelope stress response regulates the expression of small regulatory RNAs”

2:40PM-3:00PM Oxana Tarassova “Proteolytic regulation of cyanobacterial RNA helicase accumulation in response to abiotic stress”

3:00PM-3:20PM Josh Pemberton “Hormonal Control of Vertebrate Growth and Reproduction: Studies on the Signal Transduction Mechanisms Mediating Pituitary Cell Function in the Goldfish Neuroendocrine Model”

3:20PM-3:40PM Shahdi Ullah “The “critical weight” of ixodid tick, Dermacentor andersoni

3:40PM-4:00PM Heather Bird “Jack pine budworm phylogenomics”

March 6th, 2012

1:00PM-1:20PM Marjan Barazandeh “A third way:  Spermcapture mating in barnacles”

1:20PM-1:40PM Walter Scott Persons “Ecological implications of a reassessment of duckbilled dinosaur locomotion”

1:40PM-2:00PM Louise Chavarie “Diversity of lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush, in Great Bear Lake, Northwest territories: ecological polymorphism in multiple shallow-water morphotypes”

2:00PM-2:20PM Michael Burns “Preliminary results from quantitative analyses of cranial characters in Panoplosaurus and Edmontonia (Ankylosauria: Nodosauridae) and their taxonomic implications for the clade”

2:20PM-2:40PM Sarina Loots “Camera-based bird monitoring in the Alberta oil sands”

2:40PM-3:00PM Joshua Miller “Towards an understanding of the genetic basis of differences in horn size in bighorn sheep”

3:00PM-3:20PM Laura Castro 21st century sea ice in western Hudson-Bay: an uncertain future for polar bears”

3:20PM-3:40PM Hedwig Lankau Can line age be used as a predictor of seismic line regeneration?”

3:40PM-4:00PM Paul Cigan “Ecological change in the mountain pine beetle red-attack stage: Impacts of pine litter quality and quantity on soil chemical properties”